How I discovered India’s newest cybercrime victim

By Gautam Agarwal | 12 April, 2018 05:24:56A number of new cases of cybercrime against individuals and businesses across India have been reported.

The latest case of cyberstalking comes to light in an article by Akshay Kumar who wrote about the case in the Financial Times.

The article also revealed that the victim had been hacked in a few months ago.

“In the course of my research, I found out that an employee of an international company had been targeted with cyberstalkers, but it wasn’t a very big deal.

After the attack, he got in touch with the victim’s employer and told him that the attack was in vain and that he would have to pay a fine of Rs 25,000.

After a brief discussion, the employer agreed to pay the fine,” Kumar wrote.

The victim’s name is Vijay M.K. and he was working at a government-owned firm in Chennai.

He was the director of an IT department in the Chennai office.

The victim said the victim told him he had been attacked by two men, one of whom was a former employee of the company.

“The man told me that the company was in a state of collapse.

The firm had not been profitable for two years and there was no cash to pay salaries.

The company’s management was being run by an ex-employee of the firm, and there were many rumours about the company’s future,” the victim said.

The case has come to light after a cyber-stalker, using the name of “Trent”, began harassing the victim.

The cyber-harasser also told the victim that he was being targeted by an external attacker, which the victim was reluctant to believe.

However, when the cyber-crime investigation began, the victim got in contact with the authorities.

“The police told me, ‘There is no such thing as an ‘external’ attacker.

There is only a hacker who has been stalking me,'” the victim alleged.

When contacted, Vijay said, “I’m afraid to talk about this in the open.

I have to protect myself.

If the police can catch the hacker, I will tell them everything.”