How much is a CHILI Nutrition Information System salary?

In December 2016, the Department of Labor released data on the average hourly earnings of people in the CHILIS Nutrition Information Systems (NIS) payroll, which includes the pay of food-processing supervisors and cooks.

That data was only available for the past 12 months.

The pay of the NIS employees covered by the data is shown in blue, while the pay for the non-NIS employees is shown as gray.

The average hourly salary for NIS workers was $33.41 in December 2016.

For non- NIS cooks, the average was $25.25.

(The NIS pay is subject to changes, which we will be looking into in the future.)

The average hourly pay for workers who work in the Food Processing and Serving Services (FFS) and Processing, Processing, and Packaging (FPPS) payrolls is $37.87, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

The median wage for workers in the NFS payroll was $28.25, and the median for workers working in the FPPS payroll was only $24.16.

The difference between the pay in the two payrolls was $1.36.

For the full-time paid workers in both the NIST payroll and the FPES payroll, the median hourly pay was $35.11.

The non-paid workers’ median hourly wage was $27.77.

For the full time non-nursing employees, the nonpaid median was $30.11, and their median was only slightly less than $24,000.

(See chart below.)

For the non NIS tipped workers, the pay was just below $25,000, but that pay is not subject to change because it is subject at the federal level to a cap.

That cap is set at $7,500.

The median hourly salary of tipped workers in NIS payrolls in 2016 was $29.89, while that of tipped employees in the nonnursings payrolls fell to $26.40.

The wages of non tipped workers who worked in the FLPS payrolls were $23.20 and $26,200, respectively.

For non tipped tipped workers working the Food Service and Packaged Foods (FSP) payroll payrolls, the wages for tipped workers are lower, at $24 an hour.

The minimum wage for tipped employees is $7.25 an hour, and tipped workers can earn up to $25 an extra hour for tips.

For tipped workers earning less than that, the minimum wage is $8.10 an hour and tipped employees can earn as much as $20.00 an extra time hour.

(In 2016, tipped workers were $6.20 per hour higher than non tipped employees, according to data from the Bureau on Labor Statistics.)