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By Peter Denton, New Scientist article By New Scientist, March 21, 2019 10:02:02By New Scientist StaffIf you’re a fan of the Doctor Who show and the TARDIS, then you’re in for a treat this Christmas.

The BBC has announced that it will broadcast two episodes of The Daleks Next Door on Christmas Day.

The two episodes will be titled The Day the Daleks Return, which means they will follow the story of the series three companion, The Doctor, from season four onwards.

The new episodes will feature a new villain, The Master, and a new Time Lord companion, the Doctor’s old enemy, The Daleck.

The Doctor will also travel to the year 2061, which will be the year in which the Tardis was launched and the series finale was filmed.

In a teaser trailer, The Tardiscode teased a “new threat”, a Tardist named “The Tardix” who is intent on taking over the universe.

“In The Day The Dalecks Return, the Tards are returning, but they’re also coming for the Doctor,” the trailer reads.

“There’s something sinister in the Tars’ new home.

What’s this thing?”

It’s also worth noting that the new Daleks look and feel a lot like The Dalek-replica.

They have long, long arms and large, dark, triangular heads.

They also have an enormous eye patch.

The Tards also have the ability to control time and space, which may be a nod to the Tachyon particle accelerator.

It’s unclear how The TARDIS will travel, but it’s possible that it’s a spaceship with a pair of wings.

A similar spacecraft was also spotted in the teaser trailer for the seventh episode of Doctor Who: The Daleketeers, which is also set to air on Christmas Eve.

It was also revealed that the TARDIS will be a spaceship similar to the Enterprise-E, and that it could be a shuttlecraft or a drone ship.

If you missed the trailer, here’s the synopsis for The Day, The Daythe Daleks return:When the Doctor and Rose encounter The TARDIX, he is able to manipulate time and travel back in time to a distant future.

The Dalektons attack the Doctor, the Master and Rose, who are trapped on the Tarde in the future.

A new villain emerges from the TARDS lair, who takes on the form of The Master.

The new villain tries to use the Tardi to kill the Doctor.

The Dalek race is also on the brink of extinction, so it seems like a good time to head out to Christmas for some good old-fashioned science.