How to change your chipotle nutrition label

The new Chipotle nutritional label is being rolled out to the general public and there are some changes that will be needed to make it more readable.

The new nutrition labels have been designed to make the nutritional information more legible and easy to read.

According to the company, these new nutrition labeling changes are designed to ensure the consumer can easily identify what foods are made with and using genetically modified ingredients.

According the FDA, “the nutritional information on the Chipotle Nutrition label must clearly and accurately describe the ingredients used to make each product.”

The new labels are being rolledout to the public and will be available on the company’s website.

The changes include: The name of the ingredient used to create the food is now listed in bold, with the word “GMO” or “Roundup Ready” at the bottom of the label.

The company says that the change will help consumers “easily identify which products contain GMOs.”

The company added that it is also working to ensure that consumers can clearly identify which foods are genetically modified.

The nutritional information is also being updated to make certain that consumers know what the word GMO is in the ingredient list.

The name is now printed in a different font size, with a “0” next to the word.

The label now has a new, larger “0.”

The name and description of the food has been changed to reflect that the ingredients are from a variety of sources.

The ingredient list has also been updated to reflect the new information.

The information is now more easily accessible by typing “0.3 gram/serving” instead of “1.3 ounce.”

The nutrition information now includes “added sugars” in bold font.

The nutrition is now shown as “Added sugars” instead a “g” or a “s” instead, with no spaces between the ingredients.

The list of ingredients is now updated every day.

The ingredients are now listed alphabetically instead of using a “list” format, with “sugar” at top of the list.

According a company spokesperson, the changes are to better understand the ingredients that are used in the product and to make them more easily understandable.

The change is expected to go into effect on April 23.

The Chipotle brand has been around since 1998 and was acquired by Chipotle Mexican Grill in 2012.

Chipotle currently has more than 3,000 locations in the United States.

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