How to deal with fake news in India

Indian newspapers are increasingly becoming the targets of a concerted campaign to discredit their reporting.

A number of outlets, including the Financial Express and The Hindu, have been hacked and several other websites are also under threat, according to an investigation by Al Jazeera.

The attack on the Hindu was carried out on Tuesday and the Financial Times has also been targeted.

The attacks have been aimed at a number of news outlets, such as the Financial Tribune, the Economic Times, the Financial Review, The Economic Times of India, The Indian Express, the Hindustan Times and many others.

Some of the websites targeted are not part of the government-run media ecosystem.

These include: Al Jazeera India, Al Jazeera TV, CNN-IBN, CNN International, CNN Global, CNN TV, India Today, Indian Express News, India TV News, CNN News, CNBC India, CNN Urdu and CNN World.

While there are no direct links between the attacks and the Indian government, the attacks have the potential to harm the reputation of a number in the country.

The attacks also may have been orchestrated by state-owned media outlets, according, as the attack on CNN India could have been planned by a group of political leaders, according Toobin, an American journalist and author.

“The Indian government has been pretty aggressive in targeting its media outlets,” he said.

“They’ve been looking to shut down their competitors, and now they’ve done it with some very high-profile news outlets.”CNN is a major news provider in India and has a long-standing relationship with the government, said Toobin.CNN is not alone in having been targeted by hackers.

In January, a group called Anonymous, which claims to be affiliated with the Anonymous collective, released a video of a purported video of President Donald Trump saying he did not know if he had been wiretapped, according TOOBIN.

The hack was quickly followed by an investigation into the attack by the Indian Information Commission.

In March, a parliamentary committee issued a report that recommended that the government “strengthen” the security of the media and the internet, including to “improve the cyber-defence of the country”.

The report, however, does not identify any specific targets or the specific information that was stolen from the Indian media.