How to fix the ‘PizzaGate’ story

The Associated Press has learned that the pizzeria where the story first broke is not the only pizza chain to be involved in the scandal.

In fact, it’s one of several that has been caught in the crosshairs of the investigation.

On Wednesday, news broke that the Associated Press was to reveal that the pizza delivery service Papa John’s Pizza had ordered a pizza from the New York Police Department, after it was found to have ordered a delivery from the same company in March.

The AP had earlier revealed that Papa Johns was the target of an investigation by the New Jersey Department of Consumer Protection, which had been investigating allegations of sexual harassment, retaliation and abuse against a number of women and girls.

The New York City Department of Investigation and New Jersey State Police had been looking into the alleged abuse and harassment claims since late 2016.

In a statement to The Associated P&L, the pizza company said it had “repeatedly requested to purchase from Papa John in the past.”

The AP report said that it had requested more information from the company about the alleged incidents and that it would seek further comment from the firm.

The pizza delivery company denied the allegations and said it “was never a victim of any sexual harassment or exploitation.”

Papa John’s has previously said that the allegations against the company are “absurd.”

In a statement issued to the AP on Thursday, the company said:”We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and misconduct and are working closely with authorities to identify and respond to any potential violations of our code of conduct.

We have zero interest in being a part of this investigation.

We do not tolerate misconduct and we will be held accountable for any misconduct that occurs.”