Hurricane Jose: Hurricane Jose updates from the White House, Capitol, and FEMA headquarters

New York’s mayor has released the first map of the city that shows how far Hurricane Jose has made landfall.

In New York City, officials have issued mandatory evacuations for residents, ordered mandatory evacuees to evacuate, and ordered residents to evacuate to shelters.

There are some areas in New York State that have not received any mandatory evacutions.

In Staten Island, Gov.

Andrew Cuomo has issued a declaration of disaster.


Andrew M. Cuomo announced Tuesday that Hurricane Jose, which is forecast to move over the New England and Gulf coasts by Friday night, has crossed the Outer Banks of the Chesapeake Bay, making landfall at 6:20 p.m.


Hurricane Jose has been moving eastward over the Cheshire, Virginia, region, moving from the northwest at 11 mph to the northeast at 15 mph, and has sustained winds of 135 mph.

Hurricanes are considered very strong and dangerous weather that could bring catastrophic damage and death, according to the National Hurricane Center.

It is forecast that there will be widespread destruction, including power outages and widespread flooding in parts of New York.

The White House says the president and first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will travel to the region on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the National Weather Service says the hurricane is expected to weaken over the next couple of days, and is expected “to weaken and then move back into the Gulf and into the Carolinas by Friday.”

The National Hurricane Centre predicts the storm will move into the Outer Carolinas and Northeast by Friday evening.

The center says that if the center predicts that the storm continues to strengthen, it could become a Category 3 hurricane or higher by Friday morning.