‘I can’t wait to get to know you’ – ‘You’re the most perfect person I’ve ever met’

The video of “You’re The Most Perfect Person I’ve Ever Met” by Rihanna has gone viral, with fans expressing their delight over the new music video.

The song, featuring Rihanna, is the fourth track to be featured in the video, and it is set to be released in the UK on July 17.

The video was shot in London’s Southbank Centre with the help of photographer Adam Smeets, with a soundtrack by David Bowie and Beyonce.

The music video features the music of Beyonce and Rihanna in their classic ballad “Run For Cover”, which was released in 1986.

Rihanna is seen walking across the street in her signature red and gold, which is inspired by the cover of her 1987 album, I’m the One That You Love.

She also sings the lyrics of the song while she is surrounded by the people in the clip, and her character walks across the ground with her arms crossed.

Rihana’s character walks towards her friend, who is walking through the crowd, and asks her to take her jacket off.

The clip ends with Rihanna walking away with the jacket off, as the camera pans to the ground and Rihana is seen looking down at it.

The footage has been watched by millions of people on YouTube.

The track was also a hit in the US and UK, and has also been covered by pop artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

The viral video has garnered over 2.3 million views, with more than 1.7 million comments.

The pop star shared a selfie with her character in the viral video, which she shared with Instagram on Sunday.

The singer also took to Twitter to share more of the video.

“Love it.

Love it.

I love it.

It’s so rad.

#iwillnevergiveup,” Rihanna wrote in her Instagram post.