McDonald’s Nutrition Information Gathering: ‘I’m a little concerned’

McDonald’s is preparing to release its nutrition information for the first time, including a breakdown of the foods it has in stores.

The information, which includes information on what products are served, is the latest effort to get customers to better understand the health benefits of the food they buy.

McDonald’s posted the information in an update on its website on Thursday, but the details of its efforts have not been made public.

The information is a response to the growing demand for information about how the company plans to deliver its menu, said Jennifer McCreary, vice president of marketing at McDonald’s.

McDonalds also is trying to address the criticism it’s faced for not giving customers more information about its ingredients.

McCreary said the information will include information on which of the more than 100 ingredients are used in the products they buy, how much the ingredients cost, how the ingredients are made and how many people have tried the products.

McCooks is hoping to be more transparent about the nutritional information it puts on menu items in the coming months.

The new information comes as the company continues to work with the Food and Drug Administration to overhaul the way it tests foods.

The FDA has been criticized for its lack of transparency and lax oversight of how it uses food safety testing data.

McCutcheon said in an email that McDonalds is looking to add more transparency and accountability to its nutritional information.

McCrabtree said the company is also looking to improve the way customers find out about what ingredients they are consuming.

She said the goal is to make the information more readily available to consumers in the future.