Microsoft unveils its new Windows 10 operating system in India

Microsoft is rolling out the new Windows operating system for the country.

The update will be available for the first time on April 22.

The company announced the Windows 10 upgrade in April and announced the first release of the new operating system on February 28.

The update brings a lot of features to the Windows platform, including the new “Personalized Start Screen” feature that gives users a new look at the Start menu and notifications.

Windows 10 will be the first operating system to be rolled out in India.

Microsoft says the update will also bring new features and fixes for the operating system, but it doesn’t provide details on any of the changes.

Microsoft said that the new version of Windows 10 includes a number of new features including a new version 1.0 of the operating systems security policy and the ability to set up new accounts.

Microsoft also updated its cloud services, including Azure.

The company said that new updates will also be available through its Windows Update service.

Microsoft also said that it is introducing a new “Mobile First” theme to the Start screen and new settings options for the Start Menu.

The new “People” section of the Settings app will also have a “People.”