Starbucks is making a move into the formal education sector

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is reviewing a proposed rule change that would require that retailers, food and beverage manufacturers and universities disclose student information systems, including the official academic transcript.

The agency said it will study the proposal and issue a decision in late February.

The proposed rule, which has been pending for months, would require a university to include information on student information system that was developed or maintained by the student’s academic institution.

The change would also require a school to have student-focused information about the academic transcript that is published by the university’s parent or by the school in a separate electronic format.

The state Department of Licensing and Regulation has said that the proposal would allow the public to better understand the academic performance of students.

It has also said that it is not a requirement for school to report student information, but that it does provide an opportunity for students to learn about their academic experience.

State Rep. Paul DeGraaf, R-Lakewood, said in a statement that the state’s licensing and regulation agency has been working with universities to craft rules that address student privacy.

He said that students who have questions about academic performance and academic freedom should call the state licensing and regulatory agency.