The best way to make your own Android app with the free app from Google

Android users can now use the Google Play Store to create their own apps.

The search giant is introducing the app store for the first time, and it lets users create and share apps for Android and iOS, and for both Google Pixel devices.

Google will be the first app developer to offer this functionality, which means that developers will be able to build apps for any device, with a new developer preview coming later this year.

Apps built on the new platform will be available for download from Google Play for free, while the paid version will cost $2.99 to download.

This means that users will be getting a free app when they purchase a Pixel, Pixel XL, or Pixel 2, but if they want to take advantage of the service, they will need to buy a paid app.

Developers will also be able set the maximum number of users a particular app can support, with unlimited apps available on the Play Store.

The company also said that the Android app store will be open to anyone who wants to build their own app, with the ability to submit any app to be reviewed.

The new features come after Google announced the launch of its new platform earlier this month.

Android users will soon be able make and distribute their own mobile apps and make it available on devices including the Pixel and Pixel XL. 

Google has also added a free Android app builder to the platform, allowing users to create and distribute apps for their own devices.