What are the ‘Energy’ Terms?

What are some of the terms used in the US government to describe energy?

These are just a few of the ones we have picked out to give you a better idea of what they mean.1.

Energy Source Definition1.1 The physical form of an energy source.2.1The physical form or substance of an electrical current or a magnetic field, or of any other thing, which causes or creates an electric current, or to which an electrical signal is transferred.2,2 The physical structure of an object or substance.2A: The physical material or structure of a substance.

An: An object or thing formed by combining elements of a physical system.

The term is used to describe the energy or energy system of a source, for example, an electrical energy source, a chemical energy source or a radioactive energy source.(1)An electric energy source: An electric current or magnetic field created by the interaction of an electric and a magnetic charge.

An electric electrical power plant:(1) An electric generating station for generating electricity.(2) An electrical power station.(3) A facility that generates electricity.(4) An area in a city where electricity is generated.(5) An electronic circuit that transmits electrical signals.(6) A transmission line used to move electricity.(7) A circuit used to generate electricity.(8) An apparatus for producing electricity.(9) An instrument for measuring the electrical energy produced by an electric source.(10) An appliance used to measure or record electrical energy.(11) A tool or instrument used to operate an electric or magnetic source.(12) An industrial process used in producing electricity.(13) A unit of measurement used to denote a quantity.(14) An energy source in a laboratory or research laboratory.

An information thesaurist: An information science specialist.

An energy worker: An employee of an electricity supplier.(1,2) A person who is employed in a utility service, a wholesale or retail electricity supplier or an electric distribution company.

An electrical energy supplier: A person, firm, corporation, association or other organization which provides electric power to a person, or which provides the supply of electricity to a group of persons, by transmitting electrical power from an electric power source to a remote place.

An environmental information theseurist: A natural resource environmental specialist.(1)(a) An employee who is engaged in a position that requires an employee’s attention, and (b) whose duties include providing information to the public or to the legislature, government agency or government entity relating to environmental issues.

An employee of a utility company:(a) The person who administers the electrical power supply to the customer.(b) An independent employee of the customer(2) The employees of a retail or wholesale electric utility.(3,4) The staff of an independent residential utility.(5,6) The workers of a public utility or a public service utility.(7,8) The persons employed by a wholesale electric or commercial electric company.(9,10) The public employees of the utility.(11,12) The maintenance staff of a wholesale utility.(13) The management and administration staff of any wholesale electric transmission utility.(14,15) The managers and directors of a residential electric transmission or commercial utility.(16) The chief operating officer of a national electricity cooperative.

An industrial research chemist:(1)(A) An individual who performs a research in an area where the development of a new chemical or physical process, or in a branch of science or engineering that relates to energy sources, is undertaken.(B) An organization or institute of scientists or engineers who conduct research in this field.(2,3) An institution or organization that is engaged primarily in research related to energy and its use.

An independent environmental researcher:(1,4,5) A researcher, or research associate, who undertakes independent environmental investigations of natural resources, waste management, and environmental problems.(6,7,7a) A research or academic student who undertains research in a research or scientific area related to environmental problems.

An academic laboratory or laboratory research associate:(1),(2),(3) The term applies to a lab technician, or an employee of one who is in charge of the operation of a laboratory.

An employee may be a lab worker who undertends research, including research related work, that is related to natural resources.

An experimental chemical or chemical synthesisist:(1,)(2)(a),(b),(c) An experimental chemist who conducts experiments related to chemical or biochemical reactions, including experiments to understand and predict the physical properties of chemicals.(c) A laboratory technician who performs laboratory laboratory tests or tests on the properties of substances.

An engineer:(1)) An individual employed by an energy supplier who, under the direction and control of the supplier, undertakes work related to the development and manufacture of energy sources.(2)(1) A general contractor, a supplier of goods and services, or a