When does a player get a new contract?

A player gets a new deal when they have made it through a season, or when they finish the current one.

The player’s contract is set out in the player’s first contract with the club.

The new deal is usually a one-year deal, with the player getting a year to go.

Players who have already signed new contracts are also eligible for the one-off payments.

The club can give the player a one off payment at any time.

The amount depends on the number of games the player has played in, the amount of money he earned from the season and whether he has made more than $500,000 during the previous 12 months.

In 2018, players could receive a one week salary for each game they have played.

If a player’s deal expires after 12 months, the club can offer the player the equivalent of another year of the deal.

A player can also request a one month pay rise, but the club must give the offer to the player within 30 days of the request.

If the player declines, they will lose their position on the list.

A one week pay rise will be awarded for the next two weeks, and if the player wins the competition, he can earn a maximum of $1 million over that period.

Players can also ask for a one day salary increase to play a one game in the competition.

The minimum wage for the competition is $250,000.

If they earn more than that amount, they are eligible for a salary increase, and are entitled to a salary cap.

For 2018, the players are entitled a minimum salary of $200,000, but if they earn over $300,000 they will be entitled to receive a pay rise.

This is capped at $300 in 2018.

For 2019, the minimum wage is set at $175,000 and players can earn up to $250 for the same number of regular season games.

Players are also entitled to earn $50,000 for a total of $150,000 if they win a qualifying competition.

Players must receive a salary for the whole season.

For every game the player plays, they must receive $1,500.

The team pays the player $5,000 a week, and the players salary cap is set to $20 million.

Players have two years to play the competition after they have signed a new one-month deal, and have a one year cap on their salary.

The players salary is paid out in their first contract.

If an injury occurs during a season that they were on, they have three years to return to the squad.

If another injury occurs, they can request a new two-year contract for the injury.

The money will be paid out during the next one-time payment, or a two-week payment if they won the competition and they receive a second one-game pay rise to play.

The number of matches a player plays in a season is capped.

The cap is based on how many games a player played in the previous season.

The limit is set by the number and the average number of points a player earns.

The average amount is calculated based on the value of a player in the top 10 of the league.

The top 10 players have a salary ceiling of $60 million.

For the 2018 season, the cap was $75 million.

This number will be $70 million for 2019 and the cap will be the same as it is now.

The 2018 cap was set at around $80 million.

There will be an adjustment in the next few years to bring it in line with what the league’s revenue is.

This will allow for a larger increase for the players compensation.

The salary cap in 2019 will be set at the salary cap of the 2018 campaign.