Why is there no Starbucks nutritional information?

Posted February 10, 2020 07:06:57 The National Information Center at the National Institutes of Health is looking for a new way to help patients learn more about the nutritional benefits of Starbucks coffee.

In January, Starbucks began providing nutrition information to the public through its website.

But since that time, the nutritional information has been difficult to find.

The institute has asked the public to fill out a Nutrition Information Questionnaire.

After the questionnaire is completed, the institute will contact the person who provided the questionnaire and ask them to fill in a similar questionnaire.

This information is being provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

This is a non-public health information.

The NIH is not providing any other nutritional information to Starbucks.

This is a private company.

The information provided by Starbucks is not public.

NIH said in a news release that Starbucks provided its nutrition information “for informational purposes only.”

NIHS spokeswoman Karen K. Meeks said that Starbucks is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date nutritional information possible.

“Starbucks has provided this information to us and we are grateful for it,” she said.

However, Starbucks is no longer providing its nutritional information directly to the general public.

Instead, it has partnered with Nutrition Connection, a nutrition consulting firm based in Maryland, to provide it to its customers.

Nutrition Connection will not disclose the source of the nutritional data, but will say it is provided by a third party.

The firm says its nutritional analysis was done using Starbucks’ own proprietary information.

Starbucks’ decision to share the information has not changed the nutritional advice given to its employees.

Meeks said the nutritional report will continue to be available to customers, and that Starbucks will provide customers with additional information on its website that will include the nutritional analysis.